Quarantine Dating

I don’t know about all of you but this quarantine has got me all in my feelings–big time. One minute I’m laughing at all the ridiculous memes on social media and the next I find myself crying watching Sleepless in Seattle wishing I had a partner to quarantine with on the couch. I’m all over the place from one day to the next! A part of me wants to find my Tom Hanks so I can finally start a life with someone to love. The other part of me is so grateful to have this time to myself to self-reflect and work on my future.

To think that I started 2020 thinking this is the year I’m going to find the love of my life just to have the universe bring in a global pandemic that quarantines everyone for an indefinite amount of time. Obviously, the universe is telling me I still have work to do on myself first. Both emotionally and professionally.

I was hoping that maybe this travesty would result in people being more self-aware realizing they want true love and change their approach to dating. I thought that when I started swiping right out of sheer boredom one night, I would find men that would want to have deeper conversations to build a strong foundation for a real relationship. Well sadly, that doesn’t seem to be the case as of yet. I can’t believe how many guys have called or messaged me asking me if I want to be their “quarantine buddy”. Seriously? You want me to risk my life to sleep with you? No thanks! One guy said that I’d be worth the risk. Another guy said, “I can take your temperature and you can take mine”. I just have lost all hope in humanity lately. Between the toilette paper hoarders and the Rona induced booty calls…I’ve just lost hope. I’m lonely, but I’m not that damn lonely!

Yet, I refuse to give up despite the degenerates coming out of the woodwork. I am talking to one guy that seems really nice and he only jokes about getting together for dinner at his place. He seems very sweet actually. Who knows one day when all of this is over maybe I will meet my person. I do think this is an opportunity for people to want something more in a relationship.

There are some relationships that are being tested during this time of isolation so the pool of divorcees may significantly increase after this is over. I hope that’s not the case. I remind my married friends that are completely sick of their spouses to be thankful that you have somebody and to hold them a little tighter.

These are uncertain times and it’s important for us to find gratitude for our loved ones. You have no idea how isolating this feels for people who are all alone right now. My heart goes out to those people who have no one in their home to talk to—we are not meant to be in isolation. We are wired to be communal. To love and to be loved. Even though it’s just me and my son who yells “The Rona, Mom!” when I try to hug him…I’m grateful to have him with me. I want to smack him upside his head but I’m happy to have him home.

If you’re hurting and alone—reach out to family and friends to FaceTime. It helps with the feelings of isolation. No one should feel alone during this time. If you know of someone who is alone, be sure to connect with them and lift their spirits. We all feel vulnerable during uncertain times and we all need to be there for one another. Although we’re being forced to be apart we can still find ways to connect. Let go of fear and the thoughts of loneliness and isolation. Use this time to make a shift in your life. To find deeper meaning. Self-reflection and understanding your negative patterns will help you make that shift. Don’t let this time go to waste falling back into old patterns of self-destruction or numbing out. We are given this time to want more for ourselves and for others. It’s important to examine our mindset about how we really feel about ourselves so that we can make positive changes in our lives. I feel that this is time for renewal. To press reset on our lives and focus on what matters.

Take this time to meditate and get centered. Get out in the fresh air and appreciate nature. Take a bubble bath and light some candles. Turn away from toxic people that make you feel less than and learn to love who you are right now. Not when things change in your life but right now. Often people say, “I’ll be happy when I meet someone or when I make more money.” Those things will only bring you temporary happiness. Real happiness is only found within. Practice self-care and self-love. We will find our way out of this mess and hopefully, we will come out better on the other side. Take good care everyone. #Stayhomestaysafe

With Faith, Hope, and Love,