Part II – The Aftermath

I honestly don’t even know where to begin. This was one of the strangest dates I’ve ever been on and that’s saying A LOT! Let me preface my next statement with the fact that he was a very sweet person but let’s just say we were on two different wavelengths.  Like on different planets…perhaps in different dimensions.

We started the conversation talking about work and family. At this point he seemed fairly normal. He was very soft-spoken and I have a slight hearing impairment so there were times I had to ask him to repeat what he said.  For example, when he told me his grandfather passed and came to him in a dream to tell him to break up with his girlfriend and he did it without hesitation, I thought I misheard what he said so I leaned in and said, “Wait, what? Your dead grandfather?” He continued to tell me that he talks to people who have passed on and he knows where we all go after we die. Now I’m feeling like I’m in the movie The Sixth Sense and I’m with the little boy who sees dead people.

I just sat there reminding myself that I promised to keep an open mind. So I lifted my open jaw from the bar and asked, “Oh…okay. Tell me where do we go?” He went on with this elaborate description of how there is no heaven or hell only a place beyond that has seven levels. Each level is reached when you live another life and in each life, you have to atone for what you’ve done in a past life.

Now, I know what you’re thinking…this guy is nuts. Well, probably but I was very intrigued by his story. I actually believe in mediums that get messages from beyond and that maybe we do live multiple lives to atone for how we treated others in a past life. It’s all a plausible theory. I don’t go around claiming I know it for sure because dead people told me but I’m open to hearing it.

I was fascinated by the way he described everything he’s “seen”. He said that everything links back to events in ancient Egypt and history just continues to repeat itself in different forms. He then told me that Trump was George Washington in a past life and needed to become President because he had to restore world order from Democrats who want one power and one religion. Yeah, this is where he lost me. He said he doesn’t like Trump but he knows he will be elected again because “they” told him. Yes, the dead people.

Needless to say, I told him I had to leave because it was my bedtime. It was only 9 pm. Oh, did I mention that he lives with his mother? Yep, 42 years old and living with his mom is not a good sign. Again, I’m trying not to judge. I’m trying to remain open but this dude was out there…I mean waaayyyy out there. He walked me to my car and tried to kiss me good night. It was the most awkward kiss in the history of kisses.

I quickly ended it and hopped in my car. I didn’t know whether to laugh my ass off or give up on life. I tried to look on the bright side. At least he wasn’t the typical douche bags I’ve gone out with. I mean, at least he was a gentle soul who loves his mommy so much that he still lives with her. I must have the worst track record when it comes to dating. According to this theory, I must have been a real asshole in a past life and this is my personal hell of atonement.  I honestly need to just throw in the towel and become a monk and pray all day. Can women be monks? If not then I’ll start a new non-sexist monastery.

I refuse to let another failed date discourage me. I will keep searching and remain open to love no matter what it takes. I’ve done the work and continue to shift my mindset no matter how bad the experiences have been. So this guy talks to dead people and believes that Trump will be our last president because democracy will cease to exist. (I really couldn’t make this shit up).  Maybe I’ll just run away to Bali and live in an ashram instead of a monastery. Meet a sexy Spanish guy like Elizabeth Gilbert did in Eat, Pray, Love only to turn out to be a gay woman. I mean who cares as long as I find love, right?

On to the next. Let’s see how Carlos from Dorchester turns out. He claims he could be the love of my life so we’ll see! The saga continues on the Days of My Life as a Divorcee. We’ll see if I ever get my “happy ending”.

With Faith, Hope, and Love,