About Me

Hi! I’m Teresa. Thanks for stopping by.

I wanted a place where people could go to share stories about their journey through divorce and to share my own experiences with you. Although our stories may be different we all go through a similar process of coping.  Soon after my divorce, I noticed people didn’t like to talk about the emotional rollercoaster ride that goes along with heartbreak yet over 50% of the population is experiencing the repercussions.

I married at a young age. I’ve been divorced for 7 years and have been on a journey to healing that has taught me so much about who I am and what I really want in a relationship. I have three beautiful children that are now 26, 22, and 17. They are my world and my proudest accomplishment.

I felt compelled to start writing a book about my journey through my divorce. As I listened to my girlfriends going through their own divorces, they often said that my perspective and advice helped them get through the hard times.  I hope to do that for as many people as I can reach, so I thought–why not start a blog! As I continue to finish my book “From Heartbreak to Healing–How To Get Through Your Crappy Divorce”, I hope to gain insight from other stories and hopefully help people get through the pain of divorce by sharing my perspective. Join me on this journey to healing.

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